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In purchasing a home you have a business transaction involving multiple parties and outside services including, financing, appraisers, home inspectors, title searches and often many others. These services require more time than most people think, but the key to moving the entire process along is an agreement, legally binding, between the buyers and sellers of homes.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction beneficial to both parties. It is true that an asking price is exactly that - an asking price, but very often buyers and sellers become emotional, feel slighted or even offended if neither party makes responsible and realistic offers.

When you find the house you want, make your most reasonable offer. Be sure you understand all the items included in the sale. Items that are permanently attached are included in the sale of a house, but if in doubt, include the items in your offer. Spelling out all specifics in the contract will result in a clear understanding at the closing.

If you wish to obtain information about crime statistics, state ratings for the local schools or the residence location of registered sex offenders, you may find it on websites that are easily accessible by the public. If you cannot locate those sites, your agent will be able to direct you to them.


Let your agent negotiate on your behalf as opposed to contacting a seller directly.

If the seller or their agent is present during viewing don't give your personal opinions about the home or reveal any confidential information (i.e, motivation for buying, deadlines, etc.)

If you have questions regarding any step of the buying process or require more information, please contact us.

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