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You’ve made the decision to sell your house.  Now what? 

Selling your home involves a lot more than just putting a “For Sale” on your front lawn.  Doing your prep work before you put your house on the market can reap big rewards.

  • Contact Integrity Realty Group or another reputable real estate agent. Do your research and find someone who understands your market that you feel comfortable working with and can trust to sell your house for top dollar.  It’s OK to talk to several Realtors before deciding on the best choice for you.


  • Make sure a potential buyer’s first impression of your home from the curb is a good one. Mow and rake your lawn.  Pick up all trash and put away storage items. Repaint your front door.  Plant colorful flowers.  Ask your Realtor for advice about how your neighbors’ have improved the exterior of their homes before selling their houses.

Bright Living Room
  • Declutter your living areas.  Clean your counters, tables and any other area that tends to accumulate clutter.  And don’t forget what’s behind closed doors.  Prospective buyers will look in closets and cabinets. Remember that less is more when it comes to getting your house ready to show to prospective buyers.  


  • Depersonalize your space.  Remove family photos and artwork that might clash with a prospective buyer’s taste.  Your goal is to create a blank canvas so buyers can envision themselves living in the home.


  • Repaint walls to neutral colors and repair any scuff marks.


  • Pay attention to the little things like loose handles and missing light bulbs.  You don’t want potential buyers passing on your home because they think there are too many things to fix.​

  • Add some plants.  Plants and natural elements like a vase of flowers bring extra life and décor to your neutral staging.


  • Make sure your home smells clean without the use of candles or plug-in room deodorizers.  Some potential buyers will wonder what you are trying to hide.  

  • Clean, clean and clean some more. Make sure to keep your house spotless while on the market. You never know when a potential buyer will set up a last-minute tour. Pay special attention to the bathroom, making sure the tile, counters, shower and floors shine.


  • Keep your valuables safe, either locked up or stored off-site.  Strangers will be touring your home and sometimes items go missing during an Open House.  

  • Finally, consider having your home professionally staged. Home stagers will take an honest look at your home and let you know the positives and negatives. They might recommend that you buy or rent some items or they might reorganize what you already have. They know the local real estate market and what sells so it’s important to take their advice without taking offense.


  • Their job is to help sell your home.  Let them.


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